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    Trust accounting software for small law firms

    Trustbooks is a specialized SaaS solution built specifically for law firms to manage their clients’ trust accounts. We collaborated with our client to simplify and optimize the user experience and workflow with an efficient, UX-driven design process. The application handles the complexity and ensures legal compliance across all 50 states with the ability to easily modify rules as new regulations are enacted.

    Only two things scare lawyers: Trust accounting and other lawyers. This exciting SaaS solution makes trust accounting dead simple, and ensures that lawyers stay compliant with their State Bar without hiring expensive specialists. TrustBooks has built-in controls to ensure firms stay on track while managing all of the necessary workflows, from printing checks to reconciling accounts. Think of QuickBooks without the headache.

    Our priorities during the Version 1 build were simplicity and security. Since accounting tools are intrinsically complex we followed a rigorous "front first" approach to test workflows before any backend functionality was added. And given the sensitive nature of the legal market we took extra precautions against malicious use. TrustBooks users can be confident that their data is being protected by best practice architecture and best-in-class infrastructure providers.

  • Pathgather Transform your workforce

    The Talent Development Platform for Enterprise Leaders

    Pathgather is a next-generation learning management system that creates a single, unified learning destination for your employees by integrating with all internal or external content sources. Employees engage and collaborate with personalized content, while employers gain valuable insights into their entire learning ecosystem and their team’s learning needs. Pathgather is a Techstars company with a growing client base of Fortune 500 customers including HP, Visa and Qualcomm.

    Lockstep works closely with the core Pathgather engineering team to maintain the original Pathgather platform and deliver new features based on user demand as well as systems integrations with strategic partners.

  • Bungalow Insurance Simplifying renters insurance

    Experts in Insurance for the Modern Consumer

    Bungalow Insurance has created a simple direct-to-consumer experience for purchasing renters insurance. No calls to insurance reps necessary, just a seamless web or mobile workflow. A graduate of the DreamIt Ventures accelerator program, Bungalow is a licensed independent insurance broker.

    Bungalow is a market leader in direct to consumer insurance, spearheading a new model of leveraging existing underwriting systems by layering on a contemporary API interface to enable their unique insurance delivery model. The Lockstep team worked closely with the team at Homesite (a large carrier/underwriter) in order to deliver this novel hybrid of old/new infrastructure.