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Lockstep Labs

A better way to win at custom software

We are a team of expert software developers dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals with exceptional custom software solutions.

Discover the Lockstep Advantage

Lockstep Labs delivers the highest quality web and mobile apps for a fraction of the usual cost.

  • A Track Record of Success

    Ask us about our work that is most relevant to your business, and check out some of our finest projects. We have consistently delivered exceptional results including complete builds of complex, large-scale systems.

  • Quality First

    Consistently delivering high-quality results requires a structured, disciplined methodology practiced by a permanent, expert team. We mitigate risk by ensuring alignment on your business goals and functional requirements. We are obsessed with test-driven development (TDD) and continuous integration.

  • Domain Expertise in Fintech, Insurtech and Edtech

    Through long-term engagements with top-notch, VC-funded startups, we bring deep expertise in developing complex solutions for financial services, insurance and education innovators.

    Our success delivering large-scale, data-intensive web and mobile solutions demonstrates our ability to understand the complexities and nuances of each client’s business goals and translate them into beautiful, effective solutions for any industry.

  • Team and Culture

    We’ve gone the extra mile to build a stable, permanent team with very low turnover and high employee satisfaction. We recruit the best technical talent and invest in ongoing training in the latest technologies, tools and processes. Strong core values and a positive, respectful culture encourages transparency, creativity and resourcefulness.

  • Our Unique Approach

    This is the Lockstep Advantage: A unique mix of superior technical chops, proven capabilities, agile methodology, domain expertise, and a location-based financial advantage that gives our clients a significant competitive edge.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in custom application development for SaaS, web and mobile apps: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Clojure, Bootstrap

JavaScript: Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery

Mobile Development: iOS, Android, React Native

Database Development: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

API development and API integration

“Paul and the Lockstep team have been fantastic! Out of the gate, we were very anxious about working with an outside development team. The Lockstep team has completely erased those concerns. We brainstormed and collaborated through all phases of our software – from inception and taking it live, through launch with sound and actionable advice. Lockstep has been an integral part of building TrustBooks.”

Tom Boyle Tom Boyle, Co-Founder of TrustBooks

“Paul and his team offer the unique combination of outstanding capabilities, extensive startup experience, and affordable rates that make his firm perfect for a new venture. Whether you work with Lockstep as your primary developer or to supplement in-house resources, his firm is exactly the type of 'unfair advantage' that can mean the difference between success and failure.”

Tom Austin Tom Austin, Co-Founder of Bungalow Insurance